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Recently my 6 year old daughter has wanted to talk through the options available to her when she dies.

On the menu she sees heaven (or hell), reincarnation, or going ‘back to the mud’.  She’s quite keen on the reincarnation idea, and at the moment she wants to be a butterfly (although she doesn’t like the bit about only living for a few weeks).

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Rules of engagement

I sometimes get asked when I plan to re-engage with the world.  The question is, was I properly engaged in the world before?

engagement in the cafeSince I have not retired in silence to a cave, my suspicion is that ‘engagement’ is often linked with employment, being busy in some economically useful way.

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There seems to be a strong tendency for the world to be viewed in extremes, for things to be defined in terms of polarities that one is either for or against.  Extreme activities are juggled with their polar opposites in order to achieve a semblance of balance.  Indulging and dieting is a good example. 

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What I learned from reading 50 books in 2012

Books have been only one of many sources of inspiration this year, but a very powerful one, in trying to properly understand the economic, ecological, cultural and social systems that I am part of, whether in my own home or at a global level.

They also make great gifts. 

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My abstract life

I marvel at how I am able to live in a way that is totally disconnected from reality.

I eat food with no idea where it came from, or how it will impact my health.

I buy things not knowing where or how they were made,

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Routine dismissal

Children like routine.  That’s what we hear, so that’s what we repeat, so that’s what most people believe is irrefutably true.

Children hate routine.  They love to mix it up, make it up themselves, absorb new experiences, stretch their imagination and form their own judgement.  It’s how they learn,

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Juggling’s not my thing

Balance is overrated. I’m pretty sure that pursuit of a balanced life might get in the way of a much more pleasing life of purpose.

I say this despite having spent a lot of time on a Gibbon Slackline (a kind of tightrope).

I have come to view balance as a very important aspect of exercise: co-ordination,

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It’s not a coincidence, it’s a connectaroo

I am such a newcomer to the digital universe that my sheer naiveté might stagger you.  An example of this is my wonderment at the greatly increased number of coincidences that have started happening.  If that’s what they really are…

Here’s the dictionary definition as a reminder:

Coincidence = remarkable concurrence of events with no apparent causal connection.

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Why pasta isn’t magnetic

Here is my contribution to the field of physics.

There are different forms of energy and they produce different results.  In many previous endeavours, my energy was generated not from A Purpose, only from carbohydrates: I worked hard to get a job done, that’s what I thought was necessary.

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