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My landlords came round the other week to make sure that the house hasn’t been too trashed in the 2 years we’ve been living here.  No big issues.  Their only observation was that “the garden could do with a bit of attention.”

You know what?  They are absolutely right,

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Book List 2014

I have another year of books to share with you.

Here is my 2014 book list (CLICK HERE), with reflections on what each of them gave me.

(Here also is my 2013 book list and

Here is my 2012 book list).

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The universe in my pizza

I have another article in the Autumn edition of Diet and Health Today magazine which is free to download here:

Download Diet and Health Today

Inside, I have spiritual interactions with a delicious sourdough pizza.

Other contributors dispel food myths and encourage mud wrestling. 

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Grief without fear

Last week my seven year old daughter woke up in the middle of the night deeply upset because she doesn’t want us to die.

We have been pretty open about the concept of death, rather than treat it as a taboo subject (it was treated almost superstitiously when I grew up). 

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Goodbye winter

It took me 39 chances, but this year I finally learned how to love winter; to love it for what it is rather than see it as the unpleasant thing before spring. Luckily, I will now have half a lifetime of lovely winters.

I am happy that spring is here. 

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Contemplating the clouds

This prolonged wet season has allowed me to learn a thing or two from clouds.

They come in many forms: goals are clouds, so are insecurities, expectations and the urge to buy things.  Emotions too – transient things.

Clouds can either be allowed to pass by,

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No Book List for 2014…?

Last week I posted a list of the books I read in 2013.  Doesn’t it look wonderful on my website, next to the one I did in 2012?  But I think that might be the problem…

Here are 3 really bad reasons for reading 50 books in one year:

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Book list 2013

Another year passes by, with another delicious pile of books.

Here is my 2013 book list (CLICK HERE), and snippets of what each of them gave me.

(Here also is my 2012 book list).

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The wisdom of horses

I cycled to my new train station for the first time last week.  It’s a 25 minute ride along an old railway, full of trees, fields and ponds either side, all that good stuff.

It was 7am, the mist hadn’t lifted, the sun was rising and beginning to burn it away. 

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Mystic pizza

“Live each day as if it were your last”…

A familiar phrase, and a wonderful notion.  And utterly impossible to actually carry out, like trying to teach Twiglet, our pet stick insect, to dance.

Nevertheless, I still find something pretty wise and compelling about it.  The idea of getting over petty things and attending to what’s really important is worth trying out. 

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