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Exclusivity, and a desperate call for elders

I call this the Freedom Blog, but that doesn’t mean that freedom is always a good thing.

For instance, I often find myself worrying about the crippling dangers of Free Markets.  And the Charlie Hebdo thing brought attention to the shadow side of Free Speech.

A good dose of restrictive exclusivity can often be very wise when applied in the right places,

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Reflections from the wheelie bin

A lot of ecology-related words have become highly politically charged – sustainability, environment, climate change etc – to the point where they seem to have lost all power to engage.  To restore the words’ meaning and help me understand again, I often find it useful to visit the woods, especially ancient woodland.

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What happiness really might be

Good health, time with family, the love of a good woman, or man, or golden retriever.  I wish these for everyone.  But I begin to doubt whether even these get deep enough when it comes to happiness.

I read an article over the holidays written by an expert in the Economics of Happiness. 

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The universe in my pizza

I have another article in the Autumn edition of Diet and Health Today magazine which is free to download here:

Download Diet and Health Today

Inside, I have spiritual interactions with a delicious sourdough pizza.

Other contributors dispel food myths and encourage mud wrestling. 

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Diet and Exercise summer edition

Another article of mine has sneaked into the online Diet and Exercise magazine – this one is about one of my experiments around eating. Check out riveting articles by food and movement experts, and by me, by clicking here:

High resolution version

Low resolution version

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Rich man, poor man

I have been reading a lot of fairy tales in the last year.  Their authors are typically rural country folk, and therefore usually feature a poor person’s image of rich people.  Kings and princes are often mean and have rooms full of treasure and spend all day hunting.  And they are sick or stupid and easily outwitted by everyday heroes. 

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Diet and Exercise

This week marks my first ever magazine contribution.  It is a free – and gloriously advert-free – magazine, with contributions from a stunning array of experts on diet, exercise and health… and also from me.  This edition has a particular bent towards movement and exercise.

It’s an online publication,

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Hairy Godmothers

I wrote about a paradox around happiness a few weeks ago.  I found I was subsequently asked “What does make you happy then?”  At the time, my only answer was that it feels like the wrong question.

On reflection, maybe a better question to ask myself is “What am I doing to discover what makes me happy?”

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The pursuit of unhappiness

The great paradox of our age: the things that are generally understood to make me happy, make me completely unhappy.

Is it possible that almost any piece of “common sense”, any piece of general advice, anything other than what is discovered by me, on my own, through hard searching,

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Devalued by monetisation

Ever get the feeling that we have totally run out of Stuff we actually need?

Businesses are selling every product imaginable.  And recently I have noticed how many zillions of “workshops” there are now to attend, for any issue that a product purchase can’t solve.  Perhaps we don’t really need things like this any more,

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