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Forest Row Song 2015

Sometimes songs can be like snogs.  Or buses.  Straight on the back of last week’s musical offering I have another.

This one is made in service of and out of love for Forest Row.  It is not a sequel to last year’s, simply another outburst.  A bit of spoken word,

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Wild Words

I have another song to share.

I can now confirm that it is immensely good fun to sing hanging upside down from a tree.  It is always nice when dreams come true.

This was done for the Wild Network addressing the issue of nature words being dropped from the Oxford Junior Dictionary,

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The Forest Row Song

I got together with a few village buddies and we made this song and a music video to go with it.  Forest Row is so brilliant it has its own big festival each year, and the next one is on 19-21 September. Come along… or if you can’t then just watch this song and pretend you are coming.

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