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Where have all the men gone

This year has strongly featured getting out-of-the-blue invitations from people, usually asking me to do something that makes me feel nervous, and quickly accepting.

None more surprising and uncomfortable than being asked to participate in the Clear Lines Festival, which runs from this Thursday 30 July to Sunday. 

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Exclusivity, and a desperate call for elders

I call this the Freedom Blog, but that doesn’t mean that freedom is always a good thing.

For instance, I often find myself worrying about the crippling dangers of Free Markets.  And the Charlie Hebdo thing brought attention to the shadow side of Free Speech.

A good dose of restrictive exclusivity can often be very wise when applied in the right places,

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The difference is what we make it

This year I have been particularly awake to the amount of rubbish that gets spoken about men and women. Aside from the obvious biological differences, I’m unclear as to how any distinctions can be drawn on gender.  Even when I am staring in the fridge and can’t see the butter until my wife points at it,

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Grief without fear

Last week my seven year old daughter woke up in the middle of the night deeply upset because she doesn’t want us to die.

We have been pretty open about the concept of death, rather than treat it as a taboo subject (it was treated almost superstitiously when I grew up). 

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What Can One Man Do

This week I offer you my first rap video – What Can One Man Do.

What is our image of men today? What effect is it having on young men and boys… and girls and women… and our sanity?

This is a rap song for anyone prepared to consider their own involvement in a heartbreaking web of issues that affects everyone.

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Invisible privilege

So it’s a Sunday night, it’s pitch black.  I’m all alone cycling on an old train track between East Grinstead and Forest Row, with the cone of light from by bike lamp giving me a 5 metre warning on any potholes or deadfall.

I’m feeling fortified because my friend the Cartooning Psychologist told me that rapes and axe murders usually tend to be carried out by people known to the victim,

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Lost Men

I get the feeling that our culture does not contain the ingredients to create mature men and women, which is worrying for our future.  If this is true, there would be many complex reasons behind it, and it seems to me that one of the major contributors is our alienation from nature.

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Roar!! What’s masculine energy?

What is masculine energy?  I’m beginning to suspect that whatever it is, it isn’t being experienced sufficiently, and this might Cause Trouble.

I don’t see masculine energy referring to a gender.  Mature men and women surely need to channel both types.  Maybe that’s why I admire Amazon women,

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Man talk

It has only recently occurred to me that it is possible to go through life without ever becoming a mature adult.

Throughout my adulthood I have seen childish behaviour in me and all around me: the dominating boss, cowering employee, gossiping friend, impatient father, paranoid workaholic,

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