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Money, magic and power

In the last six months I have found myself talking about magic more and more.  It seems like the word that for me most naturally describes the indescribable mysterious creative force that animates things, the lively creature that reliably seems to snuffle its inquisitive snout into any piece of unpolluted space that I am ever able to conjure up.

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Art and audiences

It seems to me that, sometimes, the existence of mysteries is proven by the fact that I can’t see them.

I have a six-year-old daughter called Mia who, like many children, loves art.  I love her art too.  That is, I love it when it’s art, but sometimes it’s just drawing. 

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Santa Claus ain’t comin’ to town

I met a storyteller this year who told me, gravely, that if he does not totally understand the story he’s thinking of telling (preferably by having lived inside it), then he shouldn’t tell it, as to do so is damaging and irresponsible.  I’ve picked up that with several native American tribes,

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Crappy stories

Stories, they’re everywhere suddenly.

What’s your story?  Tell your story (with our new improved hairspray).  What does your loo say about you?

There is nothing wrong with stories.  Real stories are somehow alive and can guide and inspire me, and can help me learn how to live my own vivid story that sucks up life’s juicy struggle and maybe weaves something worth remembering. 

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The wisdom of horses

I cycled to my new train station for the first time last week.  It’s a 25 minute ride along an old railway, full of trees, fields and ponds either side, all that good stuff.

It was 7am, the mist hadn’t lifted, the sun was rising and beginning to burn it away. 

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So, GCSE results have recently come out.  Each grade is a rewarding result of hard work, and a promise made for the future, that the holder is one step closer to surviving in the world and, well educated and qualified, achieving Purposeful Things and perhaps Making a Difference.

But what have they gained,

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I was brought up in a culture of reliance.  My ancestors lost the art of self-sufficiency, so I never even learned it.  And I suspect the option of even practicing self-sufficiency moved out of our reach when the world’s population reached the half billion mark, property rights were introduced and technology sped the world up.

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