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Charity from out of my closet

Decluttering has never felt so good.  It really came into fashion in the last few years – getting rid of all that junk you accumulated and heading towards a life of simplicity.

Something always felt missing in that decluttering fad though.  It can often be temporary and superficial,

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My landlords came round the other week to make sure that the house hasn’t been too trashed in the 2 years we’ve been living here.  No big issues.  Their only observation was that “the garden could do with a bit of attention.”

You know what?  They are absolutely right,

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Exclusivity, and a desperate call for elders

I call this the Freedom Blog, but that doesn’t mean that freedom is always a good thing.

For instance, I often find myself worrying about the crippling dangers of Free Markets.  And the Charlie Hebdo thing brought attention to the shadow side of Free Speech.

A good dose of restrictive exclusivity can often be very wise when applied in the right places,

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The case for spoiling my ballot

I have never cared more about the general election than this time round.

To date, I have only actually voted once.  Up until the last general election, I stayed at home, not feeling compelled to join in, but nothing deeper than that.  Last elections I did cast a vote,

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Patriotic patriarchies

England might get together and look down on France in the 6 Nations rugby.  But Northerners in England rarely associate with lightweight southerners.  But up north, Yorkshire and Lancashire have a long history of rivalry.  West of the Pennines, Manchester might have a low opinion of Liverpool, but that’s nothing compared to what bubbles up when Man Utd and Man City meet. 

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The Myth of Endless Growth

211213 p22

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Born into a life of crime

Beyond the narrow definitions of the legal system, what makes a criminal, in reality?  And might many good criminals have no choice from the start?

There is a reasonably widely-held concern that Western civilisation is based on well-meaning people blindly inflicting increasing amounts of death on vital, precious living systems. 

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Following orders

Freedom for me is not some selfish idea about being able to do whatever I want, but being able to live in accordance with my deepest values.

Since beginning to actually consider what those values might be, I have been astonished by the amount of obstacles that can sit in the way –

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The difference is what we make it

This year I have been particularly awake to the amount of rubbish that gets spoken about men and women. Aside from the obvious biological differences, I’m unclear as to how any distinctions can be drawn on gender.  Even when I am staring in the fridge and can’t see the butter until my wife points at it,

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The truth about inconvenience

I have been noticing more and more when my actions are lining up with my values and, even more, when they aren’t.

And along with this, I have found how terribly inconvenient it can be to enter into a relationship with my own values, rather than the ones that I adopted without thinking.

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