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Staring out of the window

These days I spend a lot of time daydreaming, or even better, getting properly outside and wandering aimlessly.  It’s well known that it’s good to work with regular breaks, but I always used to think that was just to rest the eyes and mind in time for the next bout of intense concentration,

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Stamping out labels

Labels are everywhere.  I have become careful of how insidious they can be, but also interested to discover how their crafty nature can be put to good use.

The world has become very busy, and we need to categorise and label people, to make life easier to process. 

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Being a bit rubbish for a while

Have you tried aspiring to mediocrity?  The negative connotations around being average can prevent people from trying new things; it can somehow get taken as a permanent stain on a person’s ability or ambition.

The way I see it, Mediocre is a nice step up from Rubbish,

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It’s not a coincidence, it’s a connectaroo

I am such a newcomer to the digital universe that my sheer naiveté might stagger you.  An example of this is my wonderment at the greatly increased number of coincidences that have started happening.  If that’s what they really are…

Here’s the dictionary definition as a reminder:

Coincidence = remarkable concurrence of events with no apparent causal connection.

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Joker’s Poker

How much does it pay to take rules seriously?  Being serious is not always good, just ask anyone who umpired a McEnroe game.  And McEnroe always had a different opinion of where the line was.  In games where you don’t now have Hawkeye spoiling the fun, an attitude of deciding your own rules can be very effective.

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Original(ity) sin

Have you ever suggested an idea, but found that the first thing that happens is a discussion whether it has been done before, rather than whether it could be a brilliant thing for you to do?  I can’t help thinking that the frantic quest for originality misses the point entirely.

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