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Talent, from Freedom’s perspective

Over several years I have slowly been arriving at the understanding of how dangerous and misunderstood the idea of talent can be.

Talent, the idea that a particular person has a particular gift; there are few more destructive, dream-killing, power-draining concepts.  The application of the idea keeps me in my cage,

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Sleeping in the forest and saving the world

Do I view the world as a safe or dangerous place?  As I was coming home from sleeping in the forest the other day, I realised this might be a rather important thing.

Last year, before I started doing it, the idea of spending a night alone in the woods seemed scary. 

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Taught by a tree

I listened to some good advice from a tree earlier this spring.

It was a magnolia tree.  Spring had arrived, and almost out of nowhere sprang these staggeringly beautiful flowers.  They were visited by a number of bees and insects, admired by a number of people like me,

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Spiders and ‘shrooms

The misty mornings of autumn have revealed the sheer number of spider webs thickly covering bushes and trees like decorations.  How can so many millions of creatures be capable of such works of art?  Where does that knowledge come from?  You don’t see web-spinning workshops, or even apprentice spiders watching clumsily from the edge of grown ups’

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Tale of a tadpole’s talent

One thing I love about early spring is frogspawn season.  At primary school I used to be fascinated to watch the transformation take place before my very eyes in a large tank in the classroom.  A person on Streetlife is offering handfuls of the stuff…if only I had a pond.

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Minding one’s business

buddhaBusiness, it seems to me, has come to be worshipped as a medium for innovation and change, widely believed to provide the answer to most problems.

However, even though it seems to obscure most other things, Business (and its accompanying Jobs and Organisations) is only a part of the picture.  

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The myth of the creativity gene

The deficient “non-creatives” fear it, and the gifted “creatives” overly identify with it: creativity is a precious and innate human trait that has somehow been reframed into a concept, and extensively abused.

Something that is universal and positive has become a matter of have or have-not, a dividing line. 

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Other People’s Content

A “megatrend” often talked about is customisation: especially the scope technology provides to ‘make yourself unique’, find your own voice and expression.

On the surface, this looks like a much needed step towards diversity.  But the consumer trend is actually called “mass customisation”, which is a bit funny when you think about it. 

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Introvert collaborator

This post is about how I learned how collaboration and introversion can mix, and how this ended up in my first rap video (showcased at the end).

It is only this year that I have properly understood what collaboration is about.  I put this down to always having been in a hierarchy. 

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When will I ever learn?

Apparently the equivalent of the English word “teach” does not exist in Sanskrit or any of the 21 other official languages in India.

It appears that the at the root of this is a belief that when someone actually learns something, it’s because they have learned it themselves,

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