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Goal frenzy

Where am I trying to get to?

The World Cup might have brought a frenzy of goals (at times), but in the World generally a goal frenzy seems to be going on all the time.

Where am I trying to get to?  A better question: do I need to ask myself that at all?

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Mist on the M4

Looking out my window in the mornings towards the river has made me gain an appreciation for mistiness and obscured views.

The way of thinking that has influenced me most through life has favoured clarity, based on the idea that things can be broken down piecemeal, analysed separately,

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Rich man, poor man

I have been reading a lot of fairy tales in the last year.  Their authors are typically rural country folk, and therefore usually feature a poor person’s image of rich people.  Kings and princes are often mean and have rooms full of treasure and spend all day hunting.  And they are sick or stupid and easily outwitted by everyday heroes. 

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Give it a lick

A mystery of wild nature discovered but not entirely solved…  So here I am walking through Ashdown Forest, deserted from a human point of view, but teeming from all other perspectives.  I’m walking through the waist-high forest of bracken under a canopy of beech and oak.  Not going anywhere particularly,

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I was brought up in a culture of reliance.  My ancestors lost the art of self-sufficiency, so I never even learned it.  And I suspect the option of even practicing self-sufficiency moved out of our reach when the world’s population reached the half billion mark, property rights were introduced and technology sped the world up.

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Trivialising the sacred

One big horrible piece of conditioning that I never knew I had, and have only recently begun to understand, is to trivialise the sacred. Not too long ago, I would have laughed this notion off… which would in itself be one of the clearest manifestations of the habit.

What is The Sacred? 

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NO to stuff, YES to people

This has been one of the most important reminders I carry around with me.

There are two major problems that I quickly discovered after switching off auto-pilot the other year.  Previously, stuck in mainstream business, education and media, I was seemingly unable to connect the simple dots and gain the perspective to see them.

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Homo sapiens v.2.0

It is estimated that 13.7 billion years ago, a great big noisy explosion released energy and elementary particles which began to create the universe.  Over billions of years, these particles assembled themselves into complicated things like the Great Bear, Andromeda and planet Earth.  All created by extreme violence, followed by relentless experiments over long periods of time.

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Mystic pizza

“Live each day as if it were your last”…

A familiar phrase, and a wonderful notion.  And utterly impossible to actually carry out, like trying to teach Twiglet, our pet stick insect, to dance.

Nevertheless, I still find something pretty wise and compelling about it.  The idea of getting over petty things and attending to what’s really important is worth trying out. 

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Playing with my food

I have found that there are wonderful lessons to be learned anywhere you look, if you have the time and inclination.  Two friends of mine have a lot to teach me about the universe, both through the medium of food, so I thought I’d stop and listen.  Zoe Harcombe is a nutritionist and author who is spectacularly turning the subject of eating on its head,

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