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Life-changing decisions

I was recently on a podcast, which was billed as “How to make a life-changing decision”.
Big stuff like Purpose and Meaning… but how in practice do we even approach and explore these concepts?
If you’re interested in having a look at where we went with it, then here’s a link:

The David Whyte poem that features towards the end is called “

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Charity from out of my closet

Decluttering has never felt so good.  It really came into fashion in the last few years – getting rid of all that junk you accumulated and heading towards a life of simplicity.

Something always felt missing in that decluttering fad though.  It can often be temporary and superficial,

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Working out what the work is

Knowing what I now know about the disastrous destiny of the culture I live in, how can I possibly participate in it?  Since I need money to survive and am reliant on this system, how can I possibly not participate in it?

Still wrestling with that one.

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Patriotic patriarchies

England might get together and look down on France in the 6 Nations rugby.  But Northerners in England rarely associate with lightweight southerners.  But up north, Yorkshire and Lancashire have a long history of rivalry.  West of the Pennines, Manchester might have a low opinion of Liverpool, but that’s nothing compared to what bubbles up when Man Utd and Man City meet. 

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Reflections from the wheelie bin

A lot of ecology-related words have become highly politically charged – sustainability, environment, climate change etc – to the point where they seem to have lost all power to engage.  To restore the words’ meaning and help me understand again, I often find it useful to visit the woods, especially ancient woodland.

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Losing out to small victories

On many occasions I have made a long list of things to do: urgent things, important things, really important things, and admin stuff.  Then I go about doing all the easy things – all the admin, the urgent emails and none of the important stuff that demands wholehearted and uncomfortable commitment.

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Goodbye winter

It took me 39 chances, but this year I finally learned how to love winter; to love it for what it is rather than see it as the unpleasant thing before spring. Luckily, I will now have half a lifetime of lovely winters.

I am happy that spring is here. 

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Moonlit choices

My aspirations always used to revolve around what my available resources made possible.  Do I have enough money?  Do I have children?  What else am I capable of doing to earn a living?  This rational and economic approach is entirely understandable, as it seems to be the only language that is spoken any more. 

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Is it truly possible to be a “changemaker”?  Or are they incompatible words that should not be stuck together like that?

Sometimes, something happens that makes the world change.  This might be an invention – say the camera or the atom bomb or the internet, an idea or concept –

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If I had more money, I would…

Money is a fascinating phenomenon, with a powerful gift to make humans miss the point.

All the time, I hear money being used as reason why certain things can’t be done.

When this refers to buying a holiday home in Martha’s Vineyard, then that is pretty binary. 

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