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The Myth of Endless Growth

211213 p22

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The four lame horsemen of the apocalypse

four lame horsemen

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Elvis Presley


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realisations 1

realisations 2

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Those beguiling sirens

those beguiling sirens

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Telling the stories that don’t get told

Last month I had a pretty special experience.  I am on a course where I am learning the wonder of the woods: first for myself, and then how to take other people there to share the magic.  One thing we have particularly been encouraged to do is to offer stories at the fire pit,

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Half a house

half a house 1

half a house 2

half a house 3

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My resources…his attitude

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We are a meteor

As I start to connect up my abstract life, certain detached issues start to feel very real.  Like the whole Environment thing, for example…

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Experiments > Experience > Enlightenment

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