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Giving up Just Giving

I think I might have just accepted my last call from charities I used to support.

Back when I was earning enough money to pay tax, I also gave quite a lot to charity (not “a lot” in comparison to what I was spending on myself, but enough to make me feel like it was a lot). 

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The Myth of Endless Growth

211213 p22

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Born into a life of crime

Beyond the narrow definitions of the legal system, what makes a criminal, in reality?  And might many good criminals have no choice from the start?

There is a reasonably widely-held concern that Western civilisation is based on well-meaning people blindly inflicting increasing amounts of death on vital, precious living systems. 

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What happiness really might be

Good health, time with family, the love of a good woman, or man, or golden retriever.  I wish these for everyone.  But I begin to doubt whether even these get deep enough when it comes to happiness.

I read an article over the holidays written by an expert in the Economics of Happiness. 

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I am Chris

“What do you do?”

I can’t describe how much I have struggled with this question, even when I thought I’d let it go.

I like to imagine a place many generations ago, where there were less people and they were a little more connected and aware of each other,

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Book List 2014

I have another year of books to share with you.

Here is my 2014 book list (CLICK HERE), with reflections on what each of them gave me.

(Here also is my 2013 book list and

Here is my 2012 book list).

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Losing out to small victories

On many occasions I have made a long list of things to do: urgent things, important things, really important things, and admin stuff.  Then I go about doing all the easy things – all the admin, the urgent emails and none of the important stuff that demands wholehearted and uncomfortable commitment.

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The universe in my pizza

I have another article in the Autumn edition of Diet and Health Today magazine which is free to download here:

Download Diet and Health Today

Inside, I have spiritual interactions with a delicious sourdough pizza.

Other contributors dispel food myths and encourage mud wrestling. 

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Following orders

Freedom for me is not some selfish idea about being able to do whatever I want, but being able to live in accordance with my deepest values.

Since beginning to actually consider what those values might be, I have been astonished by the amount of obstacles that can sit in the way –

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The difference is what we make it

This year I have been particularly awake to the amount of rubbish that gets spoken about men and women. Aside from the obvious biological differences, I’m unclear as to how any distinctions can be drawn on gender.  Even when I am staring in the fridge and can’t see the butter until my wife points at it,

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