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I believe that the growth that young men gain from deep, immersive, adventurous experiences is not only valuable but also essential for the path of maturity, responsibility, and above all – freedom.  This, I feel, applies to all young men, completely regardless of background

However, I realise that the ‘big ticket’ nature of Wolf Pack (a cost of £950, and 14 cumulative days of journeying) can make the opportunity out of reach for some families

As much as possible, I want to remove money as a barrier to accessing Wolf Pack experiences

The Spayne Lindsay Foundation, a registered charity set up by a firm I used to work for during my city career, also sees the value in this work and is supporting it as a patron

I therefore have funds in place to support families who want to provide their young men with the Wolf Pack opportunity, but require some help to access it

Spirit of the offering

The offer of support is made to any family considering Wolf Pack, and it is up to them whether they feel it is relevant to them

Conversations and other communications around this are entirely confidential

The process is based on honesty and trust rather than judgment and means testing on my part; the funds are limited, and intended for those who feel they need it rather than would simply appreciate it.  More for one family means less available for others – I mean this as a factual statement rather than a cautionary note

It is important and healthy for any family involved to be committed – financially as well as emotionally. The funds therefore are intended to help towards the cost, not to cover the cost entirely

Use of funds, in the spirit described here, is entirely at Chris Packe’s discretion.  If funds are provided, it is in the form of a refund towards the end of the programme (unless you feel you need an alternative approach; I am open to discuss this of course)

Families interested in the support will be prepared to engage with Chris over a couple of questions. This is to help me understand the situation and manage the funds, NOT to judge your situation or for you to justify yourself


The first step is to get in touch, and you can most easily do so using these contact details.

The process is simple, just a response to two questions.  Preferably via email, but if you do not feel comfortable writing your thoughts for any reason, then I would be happy to have a conversation instead – this is not a test of writing skills.

The questions:

  1. In what way do you feel Wolf Pack will benefit your son, and also your family?
  2. What amount of financial support do you feel you need?

But first, please do get in touch, as this is not a formal application – let’s just speak.

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