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At the heart of my work is a desire to provide moments and experiences where people can see what is on the other side of busy, noisy, task-driven, technology-enabled, coffee-guzzling environments.  By stepping out of Modern Life and into emergent, embodied nature experiences, new perspectives can be gained, new inspiration and ideas, or often just a detox from the digital and other toxins.  Often help is needed to create the conditions, and as it turns out, I am a skilful guide.

I run youth programmes and other events, involving teenage boys and girls, fathers and sons, or fathers and daughters, adults, business folk.  You can find details of them on this site.

I have been a “bushcraft instructor” (for lack of a better category) since 2015 (for 15 years I was an investment banker in London). I’m a Mountain Leader and an archery instructor.  I am also engaged in mentoring, coaching and guiding projects and collaborations. I have convened a consistent men’s fire circle in the woods since 2015, I own a woodland where I carry out small scale forestry / conservation projects, and I’m also involved in performing sketch comedy. I have done writing, cartooning… even rap songs. I have hiked all my life – I’m now a qualified guide – and spent many years mountaineering before having children and shifting my time in nature to the more easily accessible woods, and that’s where the bushcraft really started to get layered on.  Soon after that me and my family shifted ourselves out of the urban mainstream, and we live in a funky place called Forest Row in Sussex.

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2 comments on “About Me
  1. Wow! A lot has been going on , since we last met…. Good for you and for the youngsters, that get´s to know you!
    We will continue following your blog. And maybe, in the future, we´ll meet again?! Lots of hugs from the Swedish forest!!!

  2. nicko says:

    Hi CP.

    Just dabbling through your website. I think it’s really cool. You’re doing worthy and cool stuff. As you were.

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