The next chapter of natural history

I was leafing through a natural history book with my son the other day, and we saw that many snakes still have leftovers of hind legs, on their way out.  Wierd, to have pointless bits still left over on your body.

We also read about how one species of mite has recently evolved to live and reproduce entirely in human clothing.  That’s quite a remarkable career change when you think about it in the grand scheme of things.

It reminded me that everything is still evolving to reflect what is and isn’t being used, and the circumstances that are encountered.

For humans, it’s easy to think that we are in our final, perfect form, and we will always be like this, but that of course isn’t true.  Check out some of the obesity statistics and it’s clear that a huge evolution has taken place in the last 30 years alone.  If we eat rubbish and sit around, our form will reflect it, and over a long period of time I suppose it might become genetic…that’s how it works, right?

It led me to wonder what humans might be evolving into, given our current living patterns.  After a bit of consideration, I concluded that, based on current evidence of obesity, stress, overwork, gadget obsession and lack of physical activity, we might expect to head towards turning into fat, frightened Mekons.  Which would look something like this:


That’s not a great thought.happy, in a tree

Or maybe there will be an evolutionary split, and humans can today choose between a busy, techy, chubby branch, and a very different species that goes outdoors, has less stuff and smiles a lot more.

We’ll just need to make sure those two species can find a way to exist together.

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