My abstract life

I marvel at how I am able to live in a way that is totally disconnected from reality.

I eat food with no idea where it came from, or how it will impact my health.

I buy things not knowing where or how they were made, or who does and doesn’t get the profits.

I have a patio for a garden; the nature has been paved over, it was messy.

I learned stuff in school that seemed to have very little relevance once I stepped out of the classroom.

I had a job whose impact lay beyond my own personal experience; I just assumed it was useful.

I read in the newspaper on a daily basis about other people’s business, but I don’t call my Mum very often to ask how her day has been.

I have been doing the same thing as everyone else for so long, I have forgotten what I really like and what I’m good at.

I have a civilised lifestyle that is brought to me through an escalating process of violence and destruction which I don’t see.

The effect of all this?  Since I cannot see the consequences of my actions, I act without thinking.  I have a diminished sense of responsibility for anything other than myself, and, by not caring, I become harmful.  And I have nothing better to measure my success or my contribution with than pieces of paper, or possessions, or the story I repeat to myself.

So many disjointed parts to my abstract life, no wonder it feels like there’s a gap.  There’s a lot of reconnecting to do.

That’s fine, I love jigsaw puzzles.

One comment on “My abstract life
  1. BLS says:

    Finn is good at jigsaws…maybe he can help?

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