Flexing new muscles

Inspiration can come from the strangest of places.  For this post, I can honestly claim it came from my backside (goodbye everyone leaving at this point, maybe see you for next Tuesday’s post).  For those remaining, allow me to explain myself.

What I am talking about here are my Glutes, or buttock muscles.  Big muscles, but generally underutilised, normally due to too much sitting.  And when you underuse something, it goes weak and your body tends to forget about it.

However, they are perhaps THE essential muscle for sprinting, so I am doing a lot of work to reactivate them.  It’s really not easy.

Now, it struck me that these aren’t the only muscles I am trying to reactivate.

Muscles in the brain are equally prone to atrophy, and I have realised with some disappointment that many of these, for example the ones that make me stop and help, or think of others and appreciate what they do, have gone weak over the years.

Just like the glutes, without a dedicated commitment to engage and exercise these muscles, my brain will never be able to put them to good use, in an effective and authentic way.

A person’s glutes will rarely be of much use to anyone but themselves.  But those brain muscles, they have real potential.

That’s why, while I’m putting in some hard work to make my body run faster, I’m trying to put a greater amount of effort into conditioning my mind to being more helpful.  I came to realise I need to get my butt in gear.

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