Installing a new operating system

My crusty old software isn’t fit for Purpose.  It was installed in school, obediently following instructions and passing tests and looking for the next challenge for someone else to set me. It was the perfect programming for a mainstream career, and I spent 15 years entrenching an industrial way of working that valued reliable, measurable performance against defined expectations (set by other people).

The thing is, the time recently came when I didn’t want to function that way any more.  I wanted to be more responsible for myself, and find out what else I was capable of.  More importantly, I felt that, although it’s always easy to keep plugging away, it wasn’t the path to enrichment for me or my close ones.

A new operating system is required: my old code isn’t capable of making me do anything other than the same thing again, repeatedly. Change was not part of my design, or my environment.

So I have pressed reboot and am attempting to build up a new system, with a much more user-friendly interface.  One that is more aware of others and more thoughtful about them. Something that doesn’t switch to conventional mode by default and is less accepting of the status quo.  That consumes less and is less reliant on external inputs.

The aim is to upgrade myself from a factory worker to a craftsman.  This means to stop doing things that allow the prospect of extending my house, and start doing things that allow the prospect of extending my capabilities.

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