Why pasta isn’t magnetic

Here is my contribution to the field of physics.

There are different forms of energy and they produce different results.  In many previous endeavours, my energy was generated not from A Purpose, only from carbohydrates: I worked hard to get a job done, that’s what I thought was necessary.

Although I still eat a lot, the energy that is fuelling me now comes more and more from the soul rather than the stomach.  And it would appear to be a much more magnetic form of energy when it comes to other people’s attraction to my work.

That explains why pasta is not magnetic.

Can anyone tell me why cheese doesn’t conduct electricity?

3 comments on “Why pasta isn’t magnetic
  1. Big lil Sis says:

    Cheese does not conduct electricity becuase it is made out of fat and protein but also because although it is used to generate the illusion of happiness in pictures…it does not neccessarily provide the electiricity from the soul that you talk of….

    Food for thought….say CHEEESE!!!

  2. Garth says:

    Totally threw me off with the title. Ended up being a great short read.

    Stay Positive and Magnetic
    -Garth E. Beyer

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