No flowers for my wife today

Are you delighted that it’s Valentine’s Day?  I have never enjoyed giving gifts on February 14th…

For me, it never feels like a genuine gesture, and can make me feel a bit resentful that there is an expectation to perform a ritual someone else made up.  Selfish feelings aside, I don’t think that scheduled acts of giving do much good for my wife’s emotional wellbeing, compared to unprovoked outbursts that originate from within.  Especially, if I then think “job done ’til the anniversary”.

It is trite to say Valentine’s Day is not about the choccies.  But since that’s the case, why still go ahead and buy the choccies?

So this year, an experiment I’m going to try is to fully renounce all of the expressions that are required of me on the 14th.

I shall dice with death.  Ditch the card and flowers, and open myself up to judgment, from the person most special to me, as to whether I do authentically express my feelings and make her feel loved and desired all year round.

I can’t lose.  Rather than have a wife full of sugar, by tomorrow I will either have reached new depths of understanding in my relationship, or learned if it is indeed good for your back to sleep on the floor.

But wish me luck anyway.

2 comments on “No flowers for my wife today
  1. H Gracie says:

    Looking forward to your next blog post explaining the repercussions…good luck!

  2. Zoe Harcombe says:

    Good luck! Valentine’s day without fine chocolate in our household would not be the same!

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