First #sprintypants time trial

I am particularly excited to have my first ever film clip.  I have relied entirely on the creativity and kindness of other people of course, in this case the digital superhero Gavrog and his equally gifted wife Gemma.

So here’s a video of my first official time trial.

My personal best is 12.11 secs when I was 17.  My starting point…watch the clip and see.  But Sprintypants has a bit of work to do.

Thanks a millon Gav and Gem.

6 comments on “First #sprintypants time trial
  1. Lisa Packe says:

    With a cheerleader such as Mia anything is possible…!!

  2. Rich O'D says:

    Love the video Chris but slightly disappointed there was no vomit after reading your previous blog! Keep us updated with the progress of Project Sprintypants!

    • Chris says:

      Sorry to disappoint you.
      But to make it up, I shall send you personally a video clip of me being sick.

  3. malachy says:

    400m……the real mans race. short sprinting is nappies…..

    • Chris says:

      a) never said I am a real man
      b) but Linford would kick Roger Black’s arse in an arm wrestle

  4. Antje says:

    Impressed by German time keeping prowess!

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