Making choices

What is stopping you from doing what you’d love to do?  I have noticed that people can often deny that they have the power to change things, by convincing themselves that it’s out of their control, beyond their reach.

Unless you are one of the very unfortunate ones in society, the situation you are in (or not in) is most probably a product of choices you have made (or not made), whether deliberately or passively.

In recent weeks I have quite often been told that I am in a privileged position that permits me the indulgence of quitting my job to pursue an ill-defined dream.  “You’re very lucky you can do that”.  But something about that doesn’t feel right.

Recently I was talking to a guy I once worked with.  He said what he’d most love would be to leave his job, but he couldn’t.  His massive house and his kids’ school fees were too expensive, as was his love of fine wine and fine art.

He described how his house was worth £4m, and it had occurred to him that he could sell it, buy a £2m house and have lower expenses, plus £2m cash.  What stopped him doing it was that his big house was too full of stuff he’d bought that he wouldn’t have room for otherwise.  And he liked big houses.  He really had no option but to keep plugging away.

It seems to me that money can facilitate or limit a person, and it depends on lifestyle as much as income.  For my decision, money was a practical consideration, but the real determinant was simply allowing myself to have an adventure.

No situation can be treated as an obstruction to something more desirable if it reflects a conflicting choice made elsewhere.  For most people it comes down to priorities, not circumstance.

Or whether they are willing to make the choice at all.

2 comments on “Making choices
  1. Taye says:

    Hi Chris,
    Congratulations on “crossing over”!! I have never written on a blog before or submitted anything but I felt compelled to after reading this!! Well done!!
    Simon (hubby as you know) and I have a similar take on life. We view our life in 10 year blocks. Our view is in 10 years you should be able to master anything you put your mind to after which you should then move on if you no longer enjoy it. No point hanging around as there are too many things to do and master in life. Assuming we live to 80 years old, from the age of 20, we each have 6 decades to master 6 different “professions”. The misconception is that you only have one profession throughout your life but why can’t you be the best doctor, painter, dancer, chef, gymnast, gardener all in the one lifetime? Personally, we have used up one decade in the corporate world, second decade (which we are currently in) running businesses in Europe and China. Who knows where the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th or more will take us. That is the adventure called “Life”. Don’t get me wrong, this requires hard work and there are days where I wish I was back in my cosy banker’s cubicle putting together a presentation but on the whole the journey has been truly enlightening! I guess I have always wanted something more meaningful on my gravestone than “Mother of Three, Lifetime Banker “. Life is all about choices that you make and whatever you choose eventhough there is uncertainly I truly believe that the universe conspires in it’s magical way to give you exactly what it is that you ask for. So all you need to do is just ASK and set the wheels in motion!! I can’t wait to see where this journey takes you Chris!

    • Chris says:

      That is a feelgood comment from a Master Choicemaker. Thanks a lot!
      By the way, I think you have an extra 2 professions in you, because I can see you being sprightly to age 100 and beyond…

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