Helping people for free

What would you do with your time if you awarded yourself a huge dollop of it?

For me, I started spending lots of time in coffee shops, reading interesting books, writing in my new diary in my new bright pink biro, and looking thoughtfully out of the window.  Not long into this phase, I was sitting in a tub chair and It hit me:

Spend a year helping people for free.

The idea made me immensely excited, even though I didn’t really know what I really meant by It, or how It would work.  But I gave It a name: “My Big Idea” and made a list of why It may entail, which included:

An exercise in living life as positively as possible; to do things for the pure enjoyment of helping people rather than for the money; learn new skills I never knew existed; learn about other people’s needs and priorities; form deeper relationships with the people I value; do something that is entirely self-generated; follow my heart rather than my head.

That was a very uplifting list.  This wouldn’t be a sabbatical, a year off or an escape.  It could be an exercise in enrichment, with lessons and insights that could benefit me and others for the rest of my life.

But how do I actually do that?  Hang on, I also remembered I didn’t have to plan.  Fantastic!  So I ditched the clever Big Idea name – invites too much planning and expectation.

That was 4 weeks ago.  I am no closer to any grand destination.  But I have noticed in me a changed attitude, or maybe an openness to a new frequency.  I’m seeing and hearing different things around me now, and it’s already taking me new places.  Hopefully you’ll see examples in this blog.

Can I help you with anything?

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