When I was producing a photo for this website, my wife and I had a bit of fun with it.  We came up with something and sent it for uploading to my friend Andy from web net marketing, who was kindly helping me set up the website.

We felt that the picture suggested “thoughtful, but adventurous”.

Andy felt it screamed “Village People”.

He made me promise not to use it for my profile photo, and firmly suggested something less ridiculous.

But he didn’t say anything about posting it inside a blog.

In the Zone or In the Navy?

Andy’s normally right about most things.  Judge for yourself…

2 comments on “Censored!!
  1. Nicky says:

    Is that Finn’s hat? The hat gives it a slightly demented edge but if you put your hand over the hat it is defo thoughtful and actiony! Was Anna laughing behind the camera! Love your blog, can I share it on Facebook?
    It’s a bit like the film where you say Yes to everything! That is so nice that you showed the collecting man how much he was actually doing for his charity.
    What are you going to do next!!!!!
    I am sure I can think of something for my school or Amelia’s ….. thinking cap on.
    See you soon, please send Anna and kids a hug!!!

    • Chris says:

      Nicky is very kind, but it would appear that even she agrees with several others that the hat should never come out again, apart from at themed parties.

      Thanks Nicky

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