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Wolf Pack is a year’s journey for a tribe of boys becoming men, aged 13-16 years. This experience unfolds over 5 adventures, between April and October. They mostly take place over 3 days / 2 nights during half terms and school holidays through the seasons, in local woodland and also in some of England’s best wild environments.

Risk, challenges and adventure in the warm company of strong role models and fellow adventurers are vitally important for young people, to discover their huge capabilities and to develop a deep-seated self-reliance. Security is important for boys but its layers must be carefully removed in order for the young men to emerge. Yet the availability and encouragement of such experiences may often be limited, or crowded out by digital influences. Wolf Pack exists to facilitate deep encounters, learning through experiences in the natural world at the edge of comfort and ability, where the magic happens.

The adventure begins in the woods, travels through hills, valleys and moorland, navigates the river by Canadian canoe and culminates with a final Quest.
Skills learned include bushcraft (in particular advanced firemaking, regardless of initial experience level), campcraft, navigation, foraging, nature awareness – but the beauty of an expedition is that it tends to offer up exactly the lesson a person needs at the time… but often does not expect.
We invite you to come and discover the vast resources already inside you, learn new skills, make new friends, discover new possibilities and perhaps take an important step or two in the journey of manhood.

THE JOURNEYS (14 days in total):
April 6-8 – The Woods, Sussex: Establish the tribe, bushcraft, firecraft, expedition skills
May 28-30 – The Moor, Devon: An overnight expedition into Dartmoor – navigation, campcraft
July 19-21 – The Hills, Peak District: A two-night ‘walkabout’ expedition, travelling and sleeping light
Sept 21-22 – The River, Devon: Overnight canoe journey down the stunning Dart River estuary
Oct 29-31 – The Forest, Sussex: Culmination event including a Fire Quest

This youth programme has grown out of a long-running programme by WildWise (www.wildwise.co.uk); Chris is also a WildWise instructor and has run the Wolf Pack in Devon since 2016.

– This year long experience is offered in 5 payment instalments of £190, but participants commit to all 5 adventures with a total cost of £950
– A discounted rate of £900 is available for those paying in full, rather than instalments
WOLF PACK FUND: If this programme calls to you, but feels out of reach financially, then please do not turn away. I have a patron who feels this work is as important as I do, and we can have a conversation about how we can help make it work. Just get in touch with me and we can talk about it
– Travel to the Devon and Midland locations may be done individually or in carpools, or we may decide to contribute towards the rental of a minibus, and drive down more efficiently as a tribe (cost of any travel is not included in headline price)

“It has positively affected his self-esteem; he’s faced some challenges and become acquainted with his internal fire. When we picked him up he was literally radiant… I can still see that change in him… He already has a calmer, more centred and purposeful air about him… Chris has inspired [my son] and made a deep impression on him… The programme was pitched perfectly.” Sarah, Wildwise Wolf Pack 2018

“The course has taught him new learning points in his self both in terms of his own body image and in terms of learning what he is physically capable of. He has flourished as a young man under the wing of Chris. Feeling that he could share his innermost thoughts with the leaders and safely within the group is a new experience.” Shelley, Wildwise Wolf Pack 2018

“The exceptional holding and challenge created by Chris and the team will get your son through stronger and more balanced… The exceptionally high skill base and depth of experience was breathtaking and highly valuable to both me and [my son].” Cat, Wildwise Wolf Pack 2018

“The whole experience has been brilliant. [My son] has certainly been challenged and faced his fears. He’s learned skills, had adventures and been wonderfully supported through the whole thing. He’s grown in many ways… This is one of the few opportunities for boys to experience real challenge and adventure.” Janet, Wildwise Wolf Pack 2018

“A challenging and uplifting journey into the natural world that triggers significant inner growth in a young person, resulting in a noticeable step up in self-awareness, self-confidence and a tremendous feeling of well-being after each event. I am hugely grateful for the mentoring and support my son received during these events, a special rapport that encouraged the best from the boys. They all have some very special experiences and memories to carry with them.” Tania, Wildwise Wolf Pack 2017

If you are interested in the Wolf Pack programme, do please contact me to discuss further, either directly, or via the bookings site.

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