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I went through a phase of writing rap and spoken word stuff, about things that I increasingly care about.  And it’s very likely that this will happen again, so I’m keeping all this stuff here…

What Can One Man Do (2014)

What is our image of men today? What effect is it having on young men and boys… and girls and women… and our sanity?
A rap song for anyone prepared to consider their own involvement in a heartbreaking web of issues that affects everyone.

Where have all the men gone (2015)

A spoken word video made for the Clear Lines Festival, a 4-day run of events around the issue of rape and sexual abuse, in July 2015.  The panel discussion I was invited to join was entitled “Where have all the good men gone?”, and this is something I made in advance to begin the conversation, and was also asked to perform on the day (gulp!).

Wild words (2015)

A song I made for The Wild Network addressing the issue of nature words being dropped from the Oxford Junior Dictionary, and its link with the wider problem of nature being less and less in childrens’ lives.

Forest Row song (2014)

A song we made for the 2014 Forest Row Festival, to celebrate what a great place we live in.

Forest Row Song 2015

Spoken word this time, accompanied by a group of rather good local musicians.  Hey – I can do spoken word!!
An appeal made to the village for the 2015 festival, to ask the community to lay on the festival itself rather than charge tickets… as well as a feeling of generosity and pride, it also allows the evening music to be opened up to all rather than shut away and made exclusive…

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