Green Men

Green Men is a community of fathers and sons (aged 10-14) gathering monthly in the woods through the passage of a year. It’s a place where bonds can be forged and strengthened, fun can be had, skills acquired, and experiences shared and explored.

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The group is led by Chris Packe – bushcraft instructor, mentor and guide (see profile below). It takes the form of:
– Ten 3-hour sessions one Saturday morning roughly each month, 0930-1230, from March 2020 to February 2021, excluding August
– One catered overnighter running from 12pm Sat – 12pm Sun on July 18-19 2020
– Total price of £375 for a father/son pair (£25 per 3hr session and £125 for overnighter)

Participants sign up to the whole programme. This would not be a drop-in type format: a strong level of commitment and high attendance rate is necessary in order to build the sort of meaningful and hearty atmosphere we are looking for.

Please note that the accompanying men do not have to be fathers. Father-figures – whether grandfathers, godfathers, uncles or family friends – would be most welcome.

Physical activities: we’ll get our teeth into a range of bushcraft and survival skills (see below), providing a focus for the sessions, and also a means of softening us up for a bit of…
Meaningful conversation: this is a skill in itself, and something that can really unfold if a tight-knit group develops, meets regularly, and gets used to talking about real things as well as doing things

The group can direct and decide what it wants to do, but we might choose to do any or all of the following:
– Firecraft: From matches to firesteels and on to ancient methods of fire by friction. Making fire when the weather is against you. Making tinder and gathering natural tinder. Fire building techniques and strategies
– Knifecraft: Knife techniques. Whittling tools and utensils
– Nature awareness: Using the senses. How to notice more. Sneaking through the woods, trying to creep up on deer and see how close we can get
– Campcraft: How to set up a wild camp and actually enjoy it. Knots and how to put up tarps and hammocks. Sleeping systems and strategies. Tool use and maintenance esp. axe and saw. Cooking on an open fire
– Survival: Natural shelters, water purification, survival foods, deadfall traps, natural cordage, basic first aid, navigation
– Foraging: Finding and using handy plants. Seasonal nibbles. Tree I.D.
– And probably a large amount of games

The beauty of these skills is that they can be taken home to the rest of the family, equipped as you will be to make yourselves and others at home in the outdoors.

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