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Delay tactics

I grew up believing in the importance of decisiveness.  It is a crucial trait for a strong man… isn’t it??  But recently I have come to appreciate the careful practice of procrastination, and how it can vastly enrich a decision and the long tail of its aftermath.

Together with my wife,

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When extracting myself from old, ingrained ways of thinking, it is often easy to find a new way of thinking very beguiling.  I am trying stay wary of the danger of re-indoctrination.

Recently I found myself in a discussion with a person who believed that “things have never been so good”. 

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Minding one’s business

buddhaBusiness, it seems to me, has come to be worshipped as a medium for innovation and change, widely believed to provide the answer to most problems.

However, even though it seems to obscure most other things, Business (and its accompanying Jobs and Organisations) is only a part of the picture.  

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The experiment of stepping back and looking at what I have always taken for granted has, from the start, provoked a feeling of fascination mixed with exasperation, accompanied by a desire to explore more mindful, meaningful alternatives.

holy grailObserve flaws in a way of doing things,

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Dangerously efficient

I have been thinking about how counter-productive it can be to be efficient.  Dangerous, in fact.

Yesterday morning I accidentally started brushing my teeth on the bottom row rather than starting on the top.  A glitch in the autopilot.  I was all over the place, a complete mess. 

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Routine dismissal

Children like routine.  That’s what we hear, so that’s what we repeat, so that’s what most people believe is irrefutably true.

Children hate routine.  They love to mix it up, make it up themselves, absorb new experiences, stretch their imagination and form their own judgement.  It’s how they learn,

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Miss, behave

How do you best go about helping a child learn disobedience?  There is mounting evidence that the orders we receive aren’t in our best interest any more, so surely one of the best skills we can learn is how to misbehave effectively.

My little daughter is expected to do a pile of homework,

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Stamping out labels

Labels are everywhere.  I have become careful of how insidious they can be, but also interested to discover how their crafty nature can be put to good use.

The world has become very busy, and we need to categorise and label people, to make life easier to process. 

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Installing a new operating system

My crusty old software isn’t fit for Purpose.  It was installed in school, obediently following instructions and passing tests and looking for the next challenge for someone else to set me. It was the perfect programming for a mainstream career, and I spent 15 years entrenching an industrial way of working that valued reliable,

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Dirt and dishonesty

Do you consider mass appeal a virtue or a vice?  It can be very difficult to come up with something that appeals to a large amount of people unless you have pulled off some kind of trick (like marketing).

Dishonesty can be an excellent tool for getting lots of people to buy a wishful dream that the seller won’t really help happen (weight loss,

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