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Dirt and dishonesty

Do you consider mass appeal a virtue or a vice?  It can be very difficult to come up with something that appeals to a large amount of people unless you have pulled off some kind of trick (like marketing).

Dishonesty can be an excellent tool for getting lots of people to buy a wishful dream that the seller won’t really help happen (weight loss,

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Joker’s Poker

How much does it pay to take rules seriously?  Being serious is not always good, just ask anyone who umpired a McEnroe game.  And McEnroe always had a different opinion of where the line was.  In games where you don’t now have Hawkeye spoiling the fun, an attitude of deciding your own rules can be very effective.

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Why pasta isn’t magnetic

Here is my contribution to the field of physics.

There are different forms of energy and they produce different results.  In many previous endeavours, my energy was generated not from A Purpose, only from carbohydrates: I worked hard to get a job done, that’s what I thought was necessary.

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No flowers for my wife today

Are you delighted that it’s Valentine’s Day?  I have never enjoyed giving gifts on February 14th…

For me, it never feels like a genuine gesture, and can make me feel a bit resentful that there is an expectation to perform a ritual someone else made up. 

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Original(ity) sin

Have you ever suggested an idea, but found that the first thing that happens is a discussion whether it has been done before, rather than whether it could be a brilliant thing for you to do?  I can’t help thinking that the frantic quest for originality misses the point entirely.

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Cleanin’ out my closet

What effect does it have on you when you put on your work clothes (whether accountant, football player or hoodie), and who exactly goes to work that day?  Last night I was liberating some prime space in my wardrobe by putting my suits away, and it got me thinking…

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When I was producing a photo for this website, my wife and I had a bit of fun with it.  We came up with something and sent it for uploading to my friend Andy from web net marketing, who was kindly helping me set up the website.

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I can’t stand CVs

“How would it look on your CV?”  Do you get asked that much?  There’s a chance you could be missing a trick.  People can screw up their careers for the sake of their CVs.

You can tell that I am not a fan of the CV mindset.  Doing something that results in failure,

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