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My wife left her job last month, with no plan to get another straight away.

She described it that she needed to “come up for air” after 16 years of working.  After making the decision, she said it felt like “a cage has been removed”.

She always saw herself as a worker bee,

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Cultural coercion

Culture, whether it’s a family, office, national or global culture, is generally regarded as a positive, healthy thing.  But maybe it’s a monster in disguise that takes a grip and massively dumbs everything down.

A culture is a shared belief system, which provides useful practices for coping with life. 

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Check the alleyway

It has been quite common for me this year to discover that a lot of things that I used to think really counted, don’t actually count for much after all (for me at least).  Discovering what does count takes a lot of looking.  And listening, to what might be described (hopefully not offputtingly) as the Inner Voice.

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Ethical businesses are greedy.  At least when it comes to values.  You hear more and more about values-driven enterprises / management / brands / marketing these days, most often in relation to niceness.

It’s great that there’s a growing desire to contribute responsibly to a wider group of stakeholders,

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Divorcing from old traditions

I have been asking ‘Why’ a lot recently.

The other week it was directed at Retirement.  Today it appears to be Marriage.

Some traditions, like Christmas, are loads of fun (although I expect to face a moral dilemma about lying outright to my kids about Santa).

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Judgment Day

Memories of 15 years of awkward and unsatisfying work performance appraisals came flooding back to me when I opened my 5 year old daughter’s school report recently.  School reports or work evaluations, both are deeply flawed, and harmful.

Performance appraisals, always in the case of school reports and usually at the base of most work reviews,

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When will I ever learn?

Apparently the equivalent of the English word “teach” does not exist in Sanskrit or any of the 21 other official languages in India.

It appears that the at the root of this is a belief that when someone actually learns something, it’s because they have learned it themselves,

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Where the grass grows greener

I always used to feel a bit crushed when people used the “grass is always greener on the other side” argument on me whenever I was getting idealistic.  At the time, the argument carried weight for me because it was rational, generally accepted wisdom, which is always hard to argue against. 

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The curse of the course

It’s widely said that you learn through doing.  All the handy skills and tricks you have, at home or at the office, were either self-discovered through experience, or through carefully observing other people, the inadvertant teachers all around us.  But when it comes to adults learning something new, things can get all serious suddenly,

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Avoiding sticky situations (and carrotty ones)

What motivates you to do what you do?  I am particularly engrossed in exploring this question right now.  It’s beginning to become clear that it is best for me that my pursuits grow from free will and authentic enjoyment, in order to allow a meaningful and sustained effort.

Let me set the scene with Zoe Harcombe,

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