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My landlords came round the other week to make sure that the house hasn’t been too trashed in the 2 years we’ve been living here.  No big issues.  Their only observation was that “the garden could do with a bit of attention.”

You know what?  They are absolutely right,

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Exclusivity, and a desperate call for elders

I call this the Freedom Blog, but that doesn’t mean that freedom is always a good thing.

For instance, I often find myself worrying about the crippling dangers of Free Markets.  And the Charlie Hebdo thing brought attention to the shadow side of Free Speech.

A good dose of restrictive exclusivity can often be very wise when applied in the right places,

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Working out what the work is

Knowing what I now know about the disastrous destiny of the culture I live in, how can I possibly participate in it?  Since I need money to survive and am reliant on this system, how can I possibly not participate in it?

Still wrestling with that one.

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The case for spoiling my ballot

I have never cared more about the general election than this time round.

To date, I have only actually voted once.  Up until the last general election, I stayed at home, not feeling compelled to join in, but nothing deeper than that.  Last elections I did cast a vote,

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Forest Row Song 2015

Sometimes songs can be like snogs.  Or buses.  Straight on the back of last week’s musical offering I have another.

This one is made in service of and out of love for Forest Row.  It is not a sequel to last year’s, simply another outburst.  A bit of spoken word,

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Wild Words

I have another song to share.

I can now confirm that it is immensely good fun to sing hanging upside down from a tree.  It is always nice when dreams come true.

This was done for the Wild Network addressing the issue of nature words being dropped from the Oxford Junior Dictionary,

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Patriotic patriarchies

England might get together and look down on France in the 6 Nations rugby.  But Northerners in England rarely associate with lightweight southerners.  But up north, Yorkshire and Lancashire have a long history of rivalry.  West of the Pennines, Manchester might have a low opinion of Liverpool, but that’s nothing compared to what bubbles up when Man Utd and Man City meet. 

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Reflections from the wheelie bin

A lot of ecology-related words have become highly politically charged – sustainability, environment, climate change etc – to the point where they seem to have lost all power to engage.  To restore the words’ meaning and help me understand again, I often find it useful to visit the woods, especially ancient woodland.

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Giving up Just Giving

I think I might have just accepted my last call from charities I used to support.

Back when I was earning enough money to pay tax, I also gave quite a lot to charity (not “a lot” in comparison to what I was spending on myself, but enough to make me feel like it was a lot). 

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The Myth of Endless Growth

211213 p22

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