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I am exploring.  What this blog attempts to do is capture how I am coming across valuable new concepts, habits, wisdom, that blows my mind, and how I am trying to integrate these discoveries into how I experience my own life.

In November 2011 I decided that 15 years in investment banking was enough.  I lacked fulfilment somehow, and felt a strong urge to start doing different things, and doing things differently.

I thought it might be intriguing to avoid trying to plan anything, and simply gift myself time and space, to see what would naturally fill that empty space.  And then see where the ensuing experiences led me.

What happened was I began to revel in exploring random new things, and delighted in seeing how they inevitably connect up into a previously unimaginable new shape.  Subconsciously as much as actively, began a fundamental shift in my worldview, a gradual reframing of what I felt life might be about, and a process of going about things more consciously, when before it had often been a careless blunder.

It feels like Freedom; from the unquestioned habits, unnecessary obligations and chronic lack of perspective and imagination that I had worked so hard to build up over the preceding 37 years.

I write what comes, accompanied by a doodle of sorts.  I have found it to be a fun and revealing process; that’ll do for me.

My first post reflected on a feeling I had that there was a lot I could learn from seeking to help people, doing things for a purpose beyond my own advancement.  I had no real idea what I meant by that, still don’t really.  But I have come to believe that the future will take care of itself as long as I don’t live in it, that life seems to find its own meaning if I do things wholeheartedly and purely for their own sake, and that doing something for myself – by rising from an automated way of living and being more aware of what’s inside me and around me – is not selfish.  It’s the opposite.  And it’s hugely fun.

And so I experiment…

My background

Started working at an investment bank as an adviser on corporate acquisitions and disposals after leaving university in 1996.

Moved with 6 colleagues to Lehman Brothers in 2000.  That wasn’t fun.  I resigned after 2 years and spent a year mountaineering.  That was fun.

Joined 2 ex-colleagues (bosses from both previous places) to set up a new advisory firm in 2004.  That was a special experience, ownership was a fantastic extra dimension, and the people were (are) brilliant.  It won awards and grew to 15 people, but became a little bit less fun for me each year.  So…after almost 8 years there, I resigned.

I moved out of SW London in 2013, into a place called Forest Row in Sussex, a much better fit.  Have 2 gorgeous young children who give me lots of hugs and, as you can probably imagine, a very special and supportive wife.

Full profile on LinkedIn.

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